Oriental Paris is looking wealthy foreigners

The crisis forced the world to trade in the fixed point lead, but megapolisat China, Shanghai is trying to attract wealthy tourists to restore the reputation of Paris of the Orient – a symbol of opulence and elegance, forward Associated Press.

Preparing for the six-month World Exposition (World Expo), metropolis with a population of 20 million people are transformed by the crowded industrial center of the pile buildings shining in the window of Skyscrapers, old alleys and quiet and orderly parks.

Complete transformation of the legendary Peace Hotel will be part of a project aimed at demonstrating the inheritance of the colonial city in the western style for wealthy tourists.

The bar is raised ever higher, Rupert Hogeverf highlights, analyst behavior of wealthy Chinese in Shanghai. The hotel may strive to be the best in the city until now trying to be the best in the country or world.

Shanghai may not be the first name that iznikva in the minds of people when it comes to elite destinations, but it offers luxury tour operators as a suitable choice, especially for shopping and dinner for people with gastronomic taste, notes AP.

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