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„When a person buys or sells property, or claim no credit for housing, you must provide notice, not only for taxes paid, but elongated and health insurance, reported on its front page“ Trud „in the material under the title“ buy property if you paid health „.

People without health care contributions paid will not be able to travel abroad. Their rights will lose anyone who did not give money for health 6 months, not three, as yet, added „Standard“.

In health care reform provides up to 1 year to eliminate clinical pathways during this time will be closed hospitals throughout the country will act superbolnitsi 6, besides some 700 million go to health, „Standard“. Trud published an interview with Health Minister Bozidar Nanev entitled „Private funds will be in 2011.

„Because of the bargain in the repair of social house in Stara Zagora Maslarova want immunity,“ wrote the first page of the Monitor. „The book states that 20 cases of abuses committed by the cabinet“ Stanishev „or concealed by him, is expected to enter court to the New Year, and 10 days the prosecution will ask the immunity of former Social Minister Emilia Maslarova.

Nearly a month before the prosecution case investigation forms for expensive complex center in Stara Zagora. It is expected any time ready results of FINANCIAL-building expertise that will prove how much money has been drained.

Financial Intelligence experts examine whether some of the money had not returned to the family Maslarova, on accounts of her husband’s former social minister, we learn the material in the Monitor.

„People of External manipulated votes in Turkey, citing Trud words CSV leader Yane Yanev. Case of two officials at the consulate in Istanbul, which transmit false information to the CEC. The sections in Turkey are given only minutes of the election, but will be required and lists.

According to Yanev former Foreign Minister Ivaylo Kalfin is to explain how the prosecution were found voting sites in Turkey. The newspaper also reported about „disorder for millions in state ekopredpriyatie.

„Great Rizha Ekschenge shoot after a dispute on the road,“ read in „24 hours“. Former policeman Petko Lisichkov riding his bike and took advantage of the intersection of Audi. The car caught up with him and forced him to stop. Out of the car, four men armed with knives. Lisichkov legitimate shot with his gun to stop them.

Kaloyan Stoyanchev shot was known as Big rufous, who died, explains „24 hours“.

Another topic on which the newspapers write today, is removal of ship Ilinden of Lake Ohrid. Currently the version of the tragedy is that the ship was overloaded, but there are 5 other versions, which work according to investigators Bulgarian Georgi Iliev.

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