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Rotate the king in November
c. 24 hours

Who will replace the king led the NMS will be known on 28 November. Then the yellow party will choose its new leader. Simeon Sakskoburggotski resign after NMS underwent elective failure and did not enter parliament.
Yesterday he missed the National Council, which scheduled the congress. „Question relating to his son, HRH, forced him to travel,“ explained Gerdjikov. King’s son was in serious condition after crash in Madrid.
Simeon, however, welcome collection by podnesal Gerdjikov and apologies for absence.
Still no official challengers for his place. Rumors rotate the names of Nikolay Vassilev, Solomon Passy, Christina Christova, Elijah Lingorski.

NMS preparing an attack against the Cabinet
c. Standard

NMS jumped against the cabinet „Borisov. After the government pledged support for GERD, if they enter the parliament, now turned against the yellow power. „NMS will be strong extra-parliamentary opposition. After one hundred days of our party government will take clear positions on certain issues, said yesterday, deputy president of the yellow Milen Velchev. Reigns gathered at the Hotel Plaza Rainbow „to the date of the fifth extraordinary congress. It will be voted new leader of the party and leadership. As „Standard“ first wrote the yellow will gather on November 28 to change its leader.

Kostov GERD support for mayor of Sofia
Telegraph newspaper

Blue coalition would not raise a candidate for mayor of Sofia. After the UDF and DSB support the nomination of GERD for metropolitan mayor – Yordanka Fandakova. Its decision the people of Kostov took yesterday of the National Conference party, but the news was announced by the leader of DSB-Sofia gene. Atanas Atanasov.

When operators are kicking win customers

Nadtsakvane launched between major telecoms
How to reduce the cost of telephone services and Internet? If until recently the choices between the various tenders were hardly comparable operators, in the last months M-Tel, Globul and Vivakom „intensified its attempts to attract customers from competitors. Attracting new subscribers is already difficult job – all now have their mobile phone! Rather, there are opportunities to „steal“ customers from other operators. This applies more for home phones and internet access. Operators lose, but the customer wins.
Only three months ago we launched the service in the fixed number portability. It enables subscribers of Vivakom (new name BTC) to be transferred to another operator and keep your old number, which is well known to friends and relatives. Despite the lengthy process now over 1300 subscribers changed their operator. This happens even though
paid 5 leva transfer fee should go to the offices of both companies (current and newly), and the deadline for transfers is 25 days fools!

c. 24-year-old Telegraph Karabashev Dimo, which was declared a citizen, used most Public Information Act, intends to sue the Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski „.
Sofia University is the oldest higher education institution in Bulgaria and „age“ should offer a lot more of their students. It turns out however, that unless a „prestige“ the other is questionable. For 120 years a person would have said that nothing has changed and everything is frozen, as I was – audiences, equipment, methods of teaching. Agree, however, that the Braille printer is not the last superrevolyutsionna technology is so expensive that it can not be purchased. More than 100 people under the dome of the SU need such a machine to be able to continue their training alongside others. These students must be given their rightful law – chance and normal attitude towards them.

One signature away

Europe is one signature away from the possibility of a real global power – that of Czech President Vaclav Klaus. Only his lack paraph to enter into force on Lisbon Treaty, which approved the re-Ireland referendum on Friday.
Until yesterday the issue was whether the 3 million Irish people can play with 500 million Europeans. Today is – if it can makes a Bohemian, and he was even president.
Klaus, who is against the „Lisbon“, there is no reason to sign it.
His followers took action against the constitutional treaty. Czech president could be delayed and the elections in Britain next year. Then the Tories expect to win and kill the „Lisbon“ with the referendum.

Ankle tourists in vats of wine
c. Standard

Marc bed helps with stress
Rich ladies, diplomats and businessmen have returned to the time of Cleopatra and platsikat in tubs filled with wine. For this to be confused with 300-400 euro for the healing process.
Treatment with potions will bring great riches aliens explained doyen of health tourism in Bulgaria Prof. Dr. Stamat Stamatov. For four decades, he is a professor at the University of Economics in Varna. Some time ago I was doing projects for SPA in „Inter“, „Ambassador“ hotel „Dobrudja in Albena and Varna Grandhotel.
The doctor, who is 87 years, will be a key speaker on the first Black Sea in our forum devoted to health, wine and tourism. It opens on 15 October in the seaside capital. It is from Varna and therapy starts with wine grapes and more than 70 years ago. The former Hotel Prague, raised among the vineyards of the resort „St. Konstantin and Elena, a magnet for the rich ladies from all over Europe. At breakfast they served fresh grapes. Journeyed ration of 500 grams a day and reaches up to 3-4 kg per day.

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