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After a meeting of four eyes Borisov-Putin: We say to Moscow for energy projects by year’s end, „writes the Monitor. Russia and Bulgaria will most likely give up oil pipeline Burgas-Alexandroupolis pipeline, it is clear from the material.

GERB offers reverse forest, is the leading title of work. Total ban on changes of use of the replaced forests in order to build for private individuals will be valid until the adoption of the new law. He will be allowed to build, but under certain conditions. The prohibition does not apply to municipalities. Deputies agreed that yesterday’s meeting of the parliamentary committee on agriculture and forests.

Evrofinansirane to EUR 163 million in approved projects in 19 municipalities temporarily suspend construction minister Plevneliev Rosen, says labor. Projects to be financed under OP „Regional Development“, with 85 percent of the sum is from the EU, notes the publication. The analysis of project proposals found that they formed in prices since last year are overstated.
You should not deal solely with the EU Bulgaria, said in an interview with Foreign Minister Rumyana Money Zhelev. Behind schedule for entry into the Schengen area, she notes.
24 hours given the lead on the murder in Razlog, where „remote triggered bomb in a jeep VMW“ killed a woman and child. The husband of the victim is a criminal justice system, a bomb was intended for him. The second and third page of the edition follows the event of the accident.
„Prosecutors investigated 36 cases of transactions of the Ministry of Defense, informed now. Cases are associated with transactions involving military property and buying property for the army. „Three former defense ministers – Nikolay Svinarov, Bliznakov and Nikolai Tsonev may receive summonses for questioning as witnesses,“ wrote the article 24 hours and explained that one of the transactions in which the budget has been damaged by 37 million leva, the deal replacing airport Bojurishte against 106 apartments.
According to BSP, freezing wages and pensions is an error, because jobs and incomes should be a priority of any government. Novinar quoted remarks made by party spokesman Cornelia Ninova.
„Thousands of angry at airports,“ Standard reported. Because of the failure of the Slovak low-cost airline Sky Europe, the airport remained in Bratislava 1200 passengers from different countries. Flights were canceled and from Burgas to Prague, Bratislava and Vienna. 10 thousand passengers will remain deceived, because they are already bought tickets. Bulgaria Air will take passengers to Vienna, the service will cost 100 euros and 150 euros against Lufthansa will also help. „Only passengers who paid by credit card or through a travel agency can get your money back,“ adds Diary.
„Retirees will no longer be allowed to watch the grandchildren for a fee. From next month the program“ Adaptability will be eligible for carers only unemployed Bulgarians. 240 BGN per month will take the unemployed as carers. This is provide for social ministry, „writes Novinar .

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