Formula of the Cabinet „Borisov – more experts and some politicians said the diary. The publication added that the business wants guarantees of transparency. MONEY newspaper added that the business is highly evaluated by the expert Cabinet predbozhen Boyko Borisov. Vasil Velev Association of Industrial Capital in Bulgaria declares that the ministers expected to meet pre-program Emblem to improve the business environment, the maintenance of financial stability, currency board, lower taxes, reduce osiguravkite and administrative barriers.

General reserve teams preparing for power, says 168 hours, stating that with the preparation of the new government leader and spare Emblem prepare teams. They will take key posts if ministers holders are down.
C. leading title for now is that Borisov concentrate power in four megaministerstva. At the same time, economists doubt that grossing will lead to reduction of the administration. In Novinar will read that the minister „without portfolio“ Bozhidar Dimitrov blow right majority. Blue coalition Zradi it may vote against the Cabinet of the Emblem. The issue recalls that the nomination of the Minister Bozhidar Dimitrov was reached after lustratsionni texts were adopted in the rules of the new National Assembly, which prevent the members belonged to the former offices of the State Security to become chairmen of committees. WORKING quoting the first words of your future prime minister that if the Blue coalition „turning tricks I will return the mandate.
In the policy will find the portrait of the future Minister of Justice prosecutor Margarita Popova. There she is described as „representative, fine, in a strict and disciplined European. It is also called, and „keeper of evroparite in our country.“
The future Prime Minister Boyko Borisov has already started to announce the first decisions the new post of the first things that will make is to grant 50 million euros for trash Sofia writes WORD. They will be invested in building a plant for processing household waste near the capital.
Newspaper CLASS recalls ministers from the cabinet of Borissov will swear at an extraordinary meeting of the National Assembly on Monday. Yesterday Borisov was personally invited President Parvanov and Patriarch Maxim to attend the oath.
Resume action against those members is the leading theme LOOK century. It will learn that the investigation goes against previous MP Toma Tomov.
On the first page cites 24 HOURS predsatelya Committee for withdrawal of criminal property Stoyan KOUCHLEV that made even a sip of pressure from members of the Committee on Corruption in the previous Parliament, representatives of the ruling coalition because then orders imposed on dirty money and property Kotseto pussycat, Galeva brothers, Sofia, and Roko Alexander Tomov.
Read the standard that health fund will send agents in hospitals to monitor how our treatment. Will monitor whether the doctors choose the most appropriate treatment for patients or simply more expensive clinical pathway to earn more.
MONITOR reported that elite schools are half empty. After ranking second in vacancies in Sofia 943. Will survive the classes are recorded in 18 children.

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