Study: More state of the economy

Most people want their governments to have more control over the management of national economies.

This became clear after conducted by BBC World Service survey in 20 countries. Results showed that the 67% of polled citizens of countries pushing for increased state intervention in the regulation of economic processes. About 60 percent of respondents also declared in support of more and more large financial packages to stimulate the economy.
Extremely low, it appears the approval of state aid to rescue banks from bankruptcy, as against the idea most people react to the U.S., Germany and Mexico. Yet there are those who approve the controversial measure.
According to the financing of the British banking sector is ultimately good for the whole economy and the savings of citizens.
72% of people surveyed indicated that they would like to see more investment in the field of ecology, recycling and new technologies. According to experts, the BBC World Service has a surprisingly extreme views on public appreciation for the efforts of governments to deal with the consequences of the crisis. Most are satisfied with the Chinese, Australians and Canadians, and most have disappointed the citizens of France, Mexico and Japan.

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