The winter season will be saved by Russians, Serbs and Macedonians

Honey seems to be half empty and to our resorts in this winter season, experts commented on the BTA in the tourism industry.

Data from the tour operators prices in Bulgarian resorts for the winter tourist season are higher than those in Austria. At present, for 7 days in the Austrian resorts that opened early season without provided transportation, paid around 390-400 euros. In our country only one night in a four-star hotel costs from 95 to 200 euros. Individual must be paid for the pleasure of skiing.
Last season, the daily map of Bansko went out around 25 euros and for the whole season – 370 euros. The price of lift pass in Borovets was BGN 55, while in Pamporovo payment BGN 51 per day.
For comparison, in Italian, Austrian and Swiss resorts prices moving between 28-35 euros for a daily map.
Lift pass prices are seasonally adjusted, as in the weaker winter season and during the week they are cheaper, offers Dimitar Popov, a member of the Supervisory Board of the Association of Bulgarian tour operators and travel agents and manager of Pinguin Travel . Produced so that the price per night in March is 20 euro a lift pass – 50 euro, which is not done in most European mountain destinations.
So far, the concessionaires of the lifts and runs in three major resort Bansko, Borovets, Pamporovo promise to keep prices without being explicit, however. Most likely they will wait Who will announce their prices for the 2009/2010 winter season
Despite the high prices of the Bulgarian Tourist Chamber said that the upcoming winter season have signed up with about 5 percent more foreign tourists in the past. The best entries moved to Bansko, then to Borovets and Pamporovo. Winter is expected to be rescued by Russians, Serbs and Macedonians.
According to the head of the Institute for analysis and assessment in tourism Rumen Draganov in Bansko this winter there will be no middle segment, and will offer packages for cheap and expensive hotels.
Plovdiv airport is no longer land charters and that will reflect negatively on trips to Pamporovo, but may be partly offset by the opening of border checkpoints to Greece, experts say. The new policy of the largest Rhodope region, which now offers new products, switch to family travelers with children, said Draganov.
Next year our home beds in hotels will be 200 000 with less, which is about one-fifth of all said Rumen Draganov. Available from less than 1 million beds will fall to around 800 000, he predicted. Contraction of the bed base is due to the plight of some of the hoteliers.
There are currently advertised for sale 700 hotels, he added. According to him, most of their owners prefer to keep them closed to avoid accruing losses. This trend began to exhibit this year, but next will be even more pronounced.

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