Totomilionerite not want to reveal

We have the greatest desire to show those who earn millions, but almost nobody wants, „said head of the Bulgarian Sports Lottery Damian Damjanov. „One of totmilionerite, won in a 99-year 4 million, a share that has built three houses, bought cars for their children and is now ready to tell, but in general people are afraid to reveal that they have won because they fear the request of money, loans, racketeering, told Damyanov to BNT. In other countries, especially in the U.S. was winning tradition to be shown on television. In Bulgaria, however, it is always kept secret. Damyanov pointed out that profits from the jackpot draws in the region of Stara Zagora, before there was a boom in Rousse. In recent months, Bulgaria has not hit the lottery six. Last major totomiloner that summer won a record 6.5 million, but the legal deadline has not appeared and lost them Damyanov said that the crisis does not affect the profits of the lottery, even contrary. „So far we have 100 million as revenue and we translated the 17 million euro of the Ministry of Sports and 15 million of the Treasury,“ added the head of totalizer.   ––––––––––––––––– –––––––––– Finance

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