Unemployment in Japan reached a record level before the election

The economic crisis in the country makes more and more companies to exempt employees, although officially the statistics showed that the recession ended in the country, reports BBC.
Despite the end of the recession but unemployment continues to rise, and economic issues occupy an increasing part of the discussions on the upcoming elections. Namely unemployment, which is at its highest level since the Second World War, is one of the issues that Prime Minister Taro Aso to be addressed most severe criticism.
Statistics reported that in July total of 3.59 million Japanese people were unemployed, which is Millions more around the same month last year.
Currently sociological studies show that when the ruling Liberal Democratic Party, which has been in power in 53 of the last 54 years, is facing a serious defeat in the elections.
Today in Japan were published and the data on consumer prices in July. They showed a decline in the basic consumer price index of 2,2 percent on an annual basis, which is also a record high value.
Deflation is also of great concern for the Japanese, who fell in a deflationary spiral then pop the bubble of real estate in the early 90’s.
The negative price growth may be one of the most serious economic problems, as consumers postpone it because of its purchases, which further put pressure on industry and economy.

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