„We believe Mrs. Clinton for a strange woman“

North Korea described as „a strange woman“ Hillary Clinton. Today, U.S. Secretary of State participating in a regional security forum in Thailand, largely devoted tonorth Korea nuclear program.

Spokesman for the Foreign Ministry accused the U.S. Secretary of State that is making many tasteless comments that do not conform to its rank. Words and suggest that it is neinteligentna he added.
„We believe Mrs. Clinton for a strange woman, as she likes to serve with rhetoric, which shows that he knows the basic rules of expression adopted in the international community. Sometimes it looks like a student, sometimes a pensionerka, went shopping, „said speaker ironically.
Severnokoreyskite statements are a reaction to the statements of Clinton that the „News You Can his“ earlier in the week said that the best answer for the behavior of Pyongyang would be his ignorance as he deals with children who are noisy are trying to attract your attention.

North Korea has a habit of resorting to personal verbal attacks that are an integral part of its aggressive diplomatic approach, especially in times of crisis. In July 2006 former Secretary of State Rice Kondaliza was called „political maloumnitsa, once condemned the test launch of seven missiles severnokoreyski. In November 2003 we Agency KTSTA afford to qualify then Minister of Defense Donald Rumsfeld as „the butcher, more terrible than Hitler“ and „fascist tyrant“.

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Reuters, France Press

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