All inclusive Summer 2009

During this summer season complexes have attracted large customers of smaller hotels with attractive offers all inclusive.

This is the common sight of a passing tour Summer 2009.

Bulgarians have already chosen not only accommodation but also place. Even if the proposal is extremely luxurious, if the surrounding environment is not sufficiently attractive, reservations are few. And vice versa – customers are willing to compromise on the luxury hotel where the place or village are a good place to relax, tour operators note.
It is not true that Bulgarians do not like Bulgaria. He was not disappointed with the holiday and the holiday itself, necessarily returns, commented from a company that deals only with reservations in the country.
Bulgarians do not waive our resorts, which showed that it is unforgiving, and that the crisis did not allow him to take a break. It happened to what was expected – to be distinguished from poor quality services, summarized tour.
Financial worries have affected some areas and accommodation but in other employment is higher than previous years.
Perceived gaps in the Black Sea comes from the large supply and a few foreign tourists, tour operators say.
The choice is made more carefully, having chosen the maximum, minimum price, they reported.
Therefore, customers are particularly vulnerable, despite the attention, others are deceived. Most often, it appears that the cheaper packages are missing important elements and ultimately deliver cheaper price.

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