All You Need to Know About Green Uni Network

The Green Uni Network promotes a Virtual Electronic University (VeU) as a method of education built on blockchain technology, allowing millions of people to access affordable and high-quality college/university education from the best European high schools, colleges and universities.

There are millions of young people around the world who do not have access to proper or high-quality education, colleges, etc. either because they live in under-developed countries or are too mediocre to afford education in the best colleges. The Green Uni Network aims to make affordable & top-quality European diploma/courses accessible to these youngsters at their homes. Here’s how.

Why Green Uni Network is needed (Problem)

Everyone should have access to high-quality education and should be able to study courses or diplomas that can give growth to their respective careers. However, the quality of education around the world has become distinguished based on the person’s financial condition. Poor people do not have access to quality education or courses because they are expensive and generally not provided by their local colleges or universities.

Green Uni Network will make high-quality university courses (European Diploma) accessible to everyone irrespective of their location and/or financial status.

What is Green Uni Network and how it works

The Green Uni Network is based on the concept of Virtual Electronic University (VeU), where students can learn and complete advanced courses (European Diplomas) in Informatics and Computer Science from the comfort of their homes or workplace. Whether you are a working professional or studying, you can complete a diploma course virtually on the Green Uni Network platform from anywhere in the world.

The Green Uni Network will be developed as an ecosystem for educational services that will have eight interconnected platforms, including the Smart Student Platform, E-Library and the online bookstore “E-unimag”. The platforms of the ecosystem will provide education services virtually using AI and blockchain in combination with Binance Smart Contracts.

The Green Uni Network will be built on the Binance blockchain technology.

Greeny Token & Its Uses

Greeny Token is the native utility token (digital currency) for the Green Uni Network. The primary use of the token is to provide access to all the platforms of the ecosystem, enabling users to pay their fees and other costs using the Greeny token. It is the fuel that powers all services provided on all platforms of the Green Uni Network.

The users of the Green Uni Network, who are using the platform for the IT & Computer Science diploma can use the token to access the various areas and services of the network, including the Smart Student Platform, E-Library and the online bookstore “E-unimag”.

The Greeny Token will not only provide a medium for users to make convenient and secure payments of fees but also it will ensure high security and transparency in all educational transactions within the ecosystem.

The target users of the Green Uni Network include millions of youngsters in developing and under-developed countries, including over 600 million potential learners in India and China who want to obtain a legitimate European diploma from a reputable university but do not have money and/or resources for the same.

The Green Uni Network is a project based on decentralization, which will make online learning feasible and affordable for people all over the world. More a

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