Antiporuptsionna committee formed for 3 cases Iskra Fidosova

Deputies of the Parliamentary Commission for Combating Corruption and conflicts of interest and decided to conduct a parliamentary form 3 files on declaration of conflict of interest Iskra Fidosova MP, President of Legal Affairs PO Box, a reporter of BGNES.
Files are requested by the MP Cornelia Ninova and education concerning the declaration of conflict of interest Fidosova. They will be a conflict of interest, breach of parliamentary ethics and allegations of corruption. Deputies will check whether it has participated in other companies, whether registered as a sole trader, and whether the date of taking his oath as an MP was still a notary, and whether with his speech in the media is derogatory to the reputation of MP . At the request of Deputies of the Left has indicated that the Law on Notaries has written that it can one be a notary and MP. Nicholas Gotsev of GERD, said that the committee becomes a political hatchet man, checking signals without the opinion of experts. Yane Yanev explained that the Commission is required as soon as possible to disprove the allegations and allow both sides to defend themselves.


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