Candidate witch: to giggle sinister and not allergic to cats

Hundreds of applicants for employment, including quite unemployed, appeared for an interview for an unusual work – a witch amusement park in British Caves Uki Hall, near Wales, France forward press, which refer BTA.

Ad was placed by the leaders of the park earlier this month after the post titulyarkata retire. Candidates were required to be sinister cackle and not allergic to cats.
For one minutes applicants had to convince 3-member jury in the park that are most relevant to the post out a shrill sound or hoodoo. Among the candidates was a former mason and David Lamb, who decided to try his luck with the wife and 11-year-old. David lost a job recently because of economic crisis. He argues that the family’s financial situation will improve significantly if any of the three winning post. David is clearly right, because the wages available in the future witch is 50 000 British pounds (58 000 euros).
Uki Hall amusement park consists of a series of caves. It was claimed that 50 000 years they have been first inhabited by people. According to a legend at the beginning of the Middle Ages lived in the caves is actually a witch. Total harvest and it is driving the milk to sour. But unfortunately it was turned into a stone figure, where it flooded the local prior with holy water reminds France Press.

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