Capitalization of the exchange companies weigh under 10 billion

Market capitalization of public business in Bulgaria crash 10 billion euro this happens after the extremely low exchange activity, measured only 216 thousand euro turnover, most of the open positions recorded decreases, and again the leading index decreased by baseline levels for the day.
SOFIX decreased by 0.81 percent to 347.23 punkta.BG40 lost 1.03 percent to 97.48 points. BGREIT has increased by 0.54 percent to 40.88 punkta.BGTR30 decreased by 0.91 percent to 262.53 points.
Only 341 deals are concluded on the market on Thursday. Was the most liquid position of Stara Planina Hold AD with 7 612 bills passed at zero deviation from the opening price of 1.50 euro, or when to lead.
Holding Roads Plc gave most of its market positions in trading volume. Purchase and sale of securities 6 358 led to a fall of 3.53 percent or 2.88 euro average plummet.
Bulgarian Rose Seuthopolis Corp. also moved in the negative range throughout the day, in the course of trade fell to 0.831 euro for the share. 10 074 securities are transferred on the position of Kazanlak company, as the decline is 3.41% to BGN 0.85 average plummet.
Neither one shares could not exceed the number assigned compensatory instruments of the day. Only CB Central Cooperative Bank had marketed this chance with a volume of 13 247 papers. The position ended with negative results removed 2.38% of the value of the shares to EUR 1.19 average plummet.
Already in the first minutes of the session of the fuel distributor Petrol AD fell below 6 euro for shares, but in a modest quantity of 527 transferred securities. With falls, but at low volumes traded more Lead Zinc Complex AD, CB Corporate Commercial Bank AD, Bulgaria Evrohold, Industrial Capital Holding AD.
A good statement of support Etropal Corp. stock and get it to 3.03 percent to 1.70 euro average lot, exchanged between players in Lot 470.
The transfer of 200 shares of the capital of Unifarm AD led to the appreciation of 0.36 percent to 28.10 euro on average plummet.
Buyers paid more expensive today for shares of Elhim Iskra AD grandfather Captain Nikola AD, cereals Bulgaria.
Share of the day
Two charged property shares index BGREIT positive territory today. One was TerraFund Advance REIT, which started trading in completed and passed 195 bills. That strengthen the position of the green index was, however, land Fund Mel Invest REIT, which include a little later in the session. Total 400 securities of the company are transferred in exchange, the price to blow out by 7.14% to BGN 0.75 average plummet.
The company was often inflect the media lately because Taneva Dessislava nomination of Minister of Agriculture in the new Bulgarian government. Taneva part of the Management Board of companies related to Mel Invest Holding AD. In 1993 one of the founders of the Mel Holding, over the years as a member of the governing bodies of the company and its related entities. In 1996 among the founders of Mel Invest Holding AD.
Companies, whose governing board is involved, operate in melnichnata, feed, brewery, machine-building industry, livestock, bread and hotels. Over the years, is on the Governing Board of the holding company controlled by financial companies, namely Mel ZAD Ins and IP Euro Garant AD. Participates in the Board of Directors of Melnichen Complex Sliven AD, by which a company group carries out major purchases of agricultural land.

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