Employment (e) effects

Before the crisis to invade Bulgaria shortage of manpower was one of the biggest problems in the labor market and employers face serious difficulties in recruiting employees.
Economic crisis, however, quickly darkened this picture and turned the situation on the labor market of 180 percent. Currently we are witnessing an escalating unemployment is gaining momentum wave of cuts, renegotiating, freezing or even reducing wages. In addition, more and more difficult to find a job, and many Bulgarian workers returned from abroad in the country, which further increased the ranks of the unemployed in the country.
Negative impact on the global crisis facing the country to be managed one of the most painful problems for any economy – the steady increase in unemployment. The latter will continue to grow at least 6 months, projections suggest.
Under these conditions the first place in the platforms of the parties should read the proposals and how these men returned from overseas workers soon be redirected. Alas, no such kontretni than banal ideas about vocational education and training.
Typically, before each election, and read the usual promises to promote the implementation of the young, older workers and people with disabilities.
Emblem of promised incentives to businesses that invest in education and retraining. The party offers an opportunity for a deduction from taxable income the cost of business to finance the training of the best students in majors that the business will determine the needs of the labor market and the cost of additional training and retraining of employees.
Boyko Borisov team and promises revival of the existing scheme for the granting of student loans in order to reduce unemployment among young people during the crisis, improving their access to education and promoting student lending segment.
And provide measures to regulate the part-time employment in order to provide flexibility in the labor market.
Launch party promises and social measures for 2009 under OP Human resources aimed at promoting the training of unemployed people to start new businesses. The party argues that these measures have to be opened immediately, as they have a clear effect antikrizisen counter unemployment.
Do not miss exotic and making promises of votes. Such is the idea of creating a home social patronage (social kitchens) in the mountains, small and remote district centers of settlements.
Coalition for Bulgaria promised to continue supporting the workers in companies affected by the crisis, including by providing new employment and retraining.
Levitt promised minimum wage of 450 leva and an average salary of 900-950 euro, which rose to 2012, 100 thousand new jobs and retraining of 60 thousand people by 2012, the minimum pension of BGN 200, mean – 400-450 EUR, 775 days paid maternity leave, increasing the amount of compensation for children under 2 years, expanding the possibilities for combining family and professional life and others.
Have an idea and development of a state fund to help small and medium business for young people up to 35 years.
NMS program relies on investment and resources primarily in vocational training.
Young party offers within 6 months from the time they lost their job, to be included in the courses and retraining to go into sectors that are not affected by the economic crisis.
In its NMS platform focuses on the stability of the pension system. Former high nominal growth of the pensions could not be maintained if further serious financial crisis, low (or negative) economic growth and low (or negative) inflation. This risk seems even greater in view of the strong negative demographic trends in the state from there. According to economists party Swiss strict adherence to rules of pensions (increase of pensions is equal to half of inflation plus half of the growth of the insurance income) is the best approach for ensuring the pension system.
Blue coalition typically offer a wide range of measures aimed at stimulating enterprise.
The party promises to simplify the procedures for hiring workers from small and family businesses and self, reducing labor costs through reduction in social security charges and fees and administrative burdens, reduce patent taxes and direct taxes on individual traders.
Under the current structure of the right jobs can not respond to the challenges of the crisis, indicating that the budgetary costs for storage are inefficient. The planned subsidy retention of workers in half-day temporary populist measure that will be charged by management to the elections, claiming right, oppose the ideas of the Coalition for Bulgaria.
In their platform and find innovative proposals related to the crisis.
Offered by the party workers to be entitled to seek bankruptcy of a trader who does not izdalzhava their employment and salaries in second place – raising the claims of workers in a higher rank in the declaration of bankruptcy.
Right offer and the promotion of vocational education in the short term, which provides livelihood to trade in a crisis.
Blue coalition promises to raise the rate for calculating the pensions of art. 70 CSR of 1.1 1.2 and adjusted to the average old pension income in 2008 also increased the relative weighting of the second and third pillar of the social security system to remove from the informal economy enterprising Bulgarians.
Financial support for these measures to ensure that the party considers as promote a longer working life and opportunities for continuous training, and not by recognizing non-formal vocational training.
Leader of offering incentives to companies that recruited the most threatened by unemployment, social groups up to 30 years also plan to finance private sector to hire students in university and secondary vocational schools for a period of 6 months for students to acquire professional skills and experience. From there and provide social benefits increase unemployment.
While promises to fight unemployment and the provision of permanent employment to izobilsvat economic platforms of the parties remain dumb on the possibilities for their realization.
Even in places on the platform to zagatva how to do so, decisions are more template and most visionary of the conditions of crisis that izskva Bulgaria shrink outlay.

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Malina Dacheva, Expert.bg

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