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BSP: trees, is hysteria
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Sergey Stanishev as prime minister is not hiding or export information and reports submitted by the SANS. This is said in the BSP’s position on the scandal with the report of SANS. Since the establishment of the Agency by the end of its mandate, Sergey Stanishev has passed and ordered to check all the relevant authorities received signals from him, information and reports. Every day in the office of former Prime Minister have done dozens of materials, many of which were made and checks by the prosecution, said more red. „Stanishev hopes with the current prime minister to take necessary action to clarify all doubts and suspicions about supposed or apparent reports of abuse,“ he wrote in another position. According to the BSP recently frequent cases in which it plays with the „secret“ information that instilling unnecessary isterichnost in society. Called. report on the corruption of former ministers was a report on the ongoing work of the SANS, the BSP said.

Red Bear-leader of the former ministers sotsbyuroto

BSP leader and former Prime Minister Sergey Stanishev has decided not to include ministers from his cabinet the following members of the party leadership – the Executive Bureau (EB), learn Trud.
The office, however, would find a place former deputy ministers as Dimcho Mihalevski, Vania Dobreva and Atanas Kostadinov. They would also be speakers on topics of BSP, respectively, Regional Development and Local Government, Education and Environment
The new media policy of the BSP, the work of the secretary Anton Kutev providing party to not only have a „voice“ to rule on all issues, but has several speakers. The current „voice“ of the „Positano“ 20 Cornelia Ninova also would be among them.
The role of the new organizational motorbike sotspartiyata Stanishev is liked MP Kiril Dobrev. The new EB would be the leader of the youth union in the Socialist Party Yavor Gechev.
Every Tuesday at sotstsentralata of Positano „20 would continue to meet heads of associations of veterans and women in the party – Prof. Vladimir Topencharov and Katya Nikolova.
Formula „without the former ministers’ decision-making positions would help Stanishev painless to get rid of you consider“ strong men „in the BSP and Rumen Petkov Rumen Ovcharov. Both were ministers in the government – the Interior, respectively, and the economy.
So far, members of the EB were former ministers and Stefan Danailov, Mihail Mihov. Lambo said the Congress that retired from management positions in the party. Before the forum and Petkov cut that sees its place in the future EB.

Extraordinary Congress of the Socialist Party asked
c. 24 hours

Former district of Plovdiv Todor Petkov, who is deputy chief of party in town. Error was re-elected to the leader Sergey Stanishev. Then had to go to change that to attract people.
The choice for leader last Saturday was a foregone conclusion – among contenders Stanishev then there is no alternative. Had an extraordinary congress, which party organizations nominate candidates for the National Council and leader, though then Stanishev was likely to win.

Peaceful elections for 18 mayors
Telegraph newspaper

Election Day in 18 locations passed without serious violations. The most serious complaints proved to be unlawful canvassing, posters and more. Highest turnout recorded late afternoon to residents of the village Dyulevo, Burgas. There for their beloved vote dropped 332 inhabitants, which makes 74 percent turnout. 63% proved Razdol activity in the village, municipality Strumyani, the partial local vote. And the two most active polling places are not a signal for violations. Unique low number of votes were registered in the region „East“ of the municipality of Plovdiv, where up to 16.30 on the sabbath day were reported only 12%.

The crisis hit and Exhibition of luxury
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Economic crisis darkened Fair millionaires in Moscow, which was formerly a center of attraction for novobogatashite. The mood at this year’s exhibition of traditional luxury holiday is not as in the past, police said. The number of participants in the fair was down 30 percent compared with 2008 sales of expensive villas with prices from 3,5 to 8.4 million euros decline. Absent from the exhibition chic brands. Out them large luxury cars, Bentley and Rolls-Royce. The entire luxury industry suffers from the crisis, said sales director for the company’s yachts Mac Oleg Makarevich. In confirmation of this fact this year’s Fair „ring“ is three days, ie one day less than last year.

The construction of South Stream starts
c. 24 hours

The construction of South Stream tragnva in 2010, where preliminary studies are successful, said Russian Energy Minister Sergei Shmatko, quoted by ITAR-TASS. According to him, the gas pipe under the Black Sea to Europe is not a competitor to Nabucco. „Next year will show who has the right to project leadership.“ South Stream „has confirmed resources and unanimous opinion from all sides“, said Shmatko

Seminars for logs word „honesty“

In peace and ped took place yesterday here and there partial mayoral elections. Not wilt in the overall picture of the exceptions stand out some pretty funny stuff.
Sudden abundance of maimed and blind voters polished 6 Dobra Polyana village (see page 5). Supporters tried to enter the dark room with a tell-all speeches third – is seen to vote as a third sound person.
Elsewhere „forgotten“ security cameras in the polling station. More buses were spotted elsewhere with „tourists“ in Turkey.
Not mine, no canvassing on election day. One such trifles …
In our all parties declare that they are „for“ fair elections. So the first step in this direction was made. But as was seen repeatedly, but he saw yesterday, the second yet – with appropriate training seminars to local activists what the word „honesty“.

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