Press Review

By Trud two headings: Prime Minister Boyko Borisov: „Closure of the energy holding company“ – I do not need money.’m 10 yrs in power, if I wanted – I am king, GERD should be managed at least 30 years. Here is the second theme : pink BMW’s about the army „- color match my prom dress the daughter of Svinarov. Prime Minister Boyko Borisov went yesterday to visit the Military Ministry and discovered … two pink beemveta! cars were black, but at the time they repainted Nikolai Svinarov. officials say that was because of the soft color of the dress Nadia Svinarov, daughter of former Prime Minister, which went to her graduation ball with one beemve.
Dad denies.

And „24 hours“ do not overlook the „soft pink beemvetata in“ Defense Ministry, but first prefers news: „Putin and Borisov – and watching – I know I have a black belt in karate, I have a black belt in judo – so Russian Prime Minister put new foundations of contact with his Bulgarian counterpart before their meeting on 1 September in Gdansk.
„Standard“ reported on the standards of a thriving woman: „Madonna in the armor“ – arrives with a bulletproof jeep, 450 bodyguards close to the star. Madonna will be guarded by the pope. Today, exactly at 15.20 hours megastars will land at Sofia airport. From there it will embark guards in an armored SUV the Porsche Cayenne and it will be driven to the stadium. At the last minute to decide on which of three pre-marked route will pass escort. 450 bodyguards of VIP Security will keep the chicken does not flit around. The area around the stadium are closed to cars. Will move only public transportation. Audience will prey on dozens of civilian cops. They will act fast if you decide to intense fan jumped on stage. 300 uniformed police officers will extinguish the crowds around the stadium „Vasil Levski“ in a bus stop and near the subway. The stadium gates open at exactly 17.30.
„Now“ says: „Prosecutors have thought of 3 cases against former Defense Minister – Nikolai Tsonev concluded a series of unprofitable transactions for the army. Month after Sergey Stanishev’s cabinet fell from power, the prosecution remembered that there are three „forgotten“ cases against already eksvoenniya Minister Nikolai Tsonev. They are related to his activities in the period 1999-2000, when he was Manager of Purchasing and marketing and director of supply management at the Ministry of Defense. Yesterday the new Minister Nikolay Mladenov gave the prosecution material for 3 more scandalous transactions Tsonev.

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