The topics that attract the attention of today’s metropolitan press, are the composition of the next government, the tasks before him and the behavior of politicians because of the results of July 5.

„Class“ published an interview with Commissioner Mariann Fischer Boyle, Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development. „Recent reports of the audit program SAPARD showed that important parts of the action plan have been only partially fulfilled. We want to see evidence for further action in cases of irregularities which have been notified to the prosecution,“ said Commissioner Boel. In the interview, she reported that no further decision of the case of blocked funds under SAPARD.

Dnevnik devoted its first page to the intention of the future prime minister Boyko Borisov. For title of report is referred to his „quick cuts and office officials. Negotiations for right centrist coalition has not yet started – specifies daily. Has published a photo of Simeon Dyankov as the next Finance Minister.

Simultaneously, Dnevnik out the wishes of the business to the next government – the maintenance of financial and macroeconomic stability, update the budget, quickly imposing the necessary reforms and agreements with the IMF and World Bank, joining the euro, reducing the social security burden, adequate framework for VAT refunds.

Create a „Now“ is titled: „The new office will sharply reduce costs and staff. Back to the news that the World Bank economist Simeon Dyankov will be nominated to the Finance Minister, daily added that Meglena Kuneva will be offered to the EU.

„Working“ and „Word“ go with the same titles, having borrowed from a statement made by Boyko Borisov: „The cabinet is ready. „Duma“ supplement – „The future prime minister closes two ministries.
„24 hours“ notes: „The Ministers of Boyko Borisov – only debutant.

Time published daily by fleck mosaic full list of new members and events for business and family ties. Available is an interview with Valentin kyustendiletsa Mikev, beat dupnichanin Galeva scandal.

„24 hours“ has a platform and Dobromir Gushterov who has turned to the leaders of the BSP to call: „enroll as Simeon. The newspaper says Simeon and entitled: „The king cast resignation.

„The power go track is the leading title of“ Standard „. „The fear of old revisions chill cabinet complements the daily also makes assumptions about the distribution of seats in the future government.

„Standard“ warns counterfeit katadzhii, slide on the road, and advises: „Take your time to show their documents, if you stop a cop“.

Novinar is focus on the arrest of Deputy Minister of Alexander Filipov emergency trading votes.

Monitor published an interview with Professor Michael Konstantinov entitled: „Elections are won with brains, not money and buy a small trick.

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