Start new negotiations on Russian gas

At the beginning of next year begin negotiations on a new agreement on gas supplies from Russia.

It became clear after today’s talks in Moscow between the energy ministers of both countries, announced BNR.
Sergei Shmatko Traicho Traykov and discussed the specific plans for implementation of gas pipeline project South Stream and the Belene NPP. In January, the latest in February, will begin negotiations for a new long-term agreement with Russia.
Recalling that some of the contracts expire next year, Russian energy minister Sergei Shmatko said by Gazprom to Bulgaria will be made and new budget proposals will be reached agreement to make the process transparent supply.
The upcoming talks will be debated and Bulgarian requests for dropping of the intermediaries, in turn, said Minister Traikov. At the beginning of next year begin concrete talks on gas pipeline South Stream, and in particular to the Project Agreement and feasibility studies.
On „Belene“ Ministers have agreed over the next two to three weeks to be prepared a specific plan for the project. According to Minister Traykov the agreement in principle is present and it remains to be specified in detail.
„The concept will be discussed at ministerial level in Bulgaria and Russia and then in the course of the talks will determine both the target structure and the structures needed to achieve them,“ said Minister Traicho Traikov.
Bulgarian Prime Minister and received assurances of his Russian colleague that this year have taken all necessary measures to ensure no new gas crisis. „This is what everyone wants and no any uninterested party that does not happen, so I think we have all grounds bordered by a general effort and thought to be the winter really smooth in terms of gas supplies,“ added Traicho Traikov.

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