Story of Christmas tree

Christmas tree is one of the most common traditions associated with the celebration of Christmas and the decoration of an evergreen conifer.
Her presence as a symbol of permanence during the winter holidays has a rich history.
In ancient Egypt there was a custom home to be decorated with palm branches in the shortest day of the year. The Chinese and the ancient inhabitants of Judea were also similar traditions. During the Christmas holidays Scandinavians are decorated houses and barns with evergreen plants. Vikings believed that it is these plants are promised the return of spring after a cold winter. The Romans even decorated trees with trinkets and candles during celebrations in honor of the god Saturn. Celts dressed oak branches with fruits in honor of the gods of the harvest.
One of the most ancient legends of the Christmas tree is associated with Benedictine monk St. Boniface. Preaching Christianity, he used a fir tree and its triangular shape like the analogy of the Trinity.
First to use Christmas tree are Germans. In 1521 in Alsace, which at that time was German territory, Princess De Meklemburg shows local kurtizantki decorated tree. Later, after her marriage with Duke of Orléans, the tree carries the princess in Paris.
In 1597 Bremen decorate crafts association for the first time instead of just over tree branches.
In 1605 and appeared in several Shtrazburg elhichkata decorated. To spread the Christmas tree tradition as contributing particularly noble profession.
In 1816 the custom spread among the Viennese aristocratic circles and the British learned this custom from Germany Prince Albert, husband of Queen Victoria.

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