Today is Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is a celebration of the people associated with home and hearth. It is also called Little Christmas. Since 2000 the birth of the infant Jesus is celebrated as a day of deepest hope. God’s Son Jesus Christ was not earthly king, ruler or priest. But the fact is that it recognizes the beginning of the chronology of his birth. According to the Bible story of the day labor started the Virgin Mary. Christmas Eve is the beginning of the celebration glorifies Christ’s birth. Today and ended 40 days Rojdestvenski fast.
Tradition requires that the table has an odd number of meatless dishes, such as during the dinner was not a table is not retracted all night.
Patriarch Maxim will lead the evening worship tonight for Christmas Eve in the Patriarchal Cathedral of St. Alexander Nevski „. The festive service will be passed directly under the „Horizon“ on National Radio.

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