Two options for the ceiling of pensions

Social Ministry is considering two options for what will happen next year with the ceiling of the pensions granted to end in 2009, announced the line Totyu Minister Mladenov.

One is their size makismalniyat be lifted from July next year with the percentage by which pensions are all updated. What will he, will become clear in the spring of 2010, another idea is to lift the ceiling from the current 700 leva to 800 leva, Mladenov said.

Options are to be discussed in the Advisory Council on Pension Reform and the Treasury. Through these social ministry hopes to offset inequalities between older pensioners and those who will retire after January 1, 2010, for which the ceiling will be removed permanently.

Labor Minister added that by March next year, together with trade unions, employers and experts from the finance ministry and the Insurance Institute will discuss options for updating all pensions and the minimum wage in 2010.

I’m sure you will find opportunities to do so, „said Mladenov.

He recalled that from January 1, 2010 widow’s pension will be increased from 20% to 25% of that of the deceased spouse and that will be introduced from 50 EUR supplement for people over 75 years. For these two measures will require approximately 280 million

Once again, Mladenov said that the reduction of contributions by 2 percent next year with the anti-crisis measure is to preserve jobs. „If it transpires that the government’s gesture to business, does not lead to the expected effect, I fear that in 2011 will go to increase contributions,“ said Minister of Labor.

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