Car manufacturers drive the price down to clear the warehouses

If India is thought to create a car cost 5000 USD, European manufacturers are already quite close to those prices, only in euros. Well, Indians do it because the idea of Europeans – because of the crisis, but that does not care purchasers.

Dancing with the prices can be seen especially clearly from the showroom of the International Autumn Fair in Plovdiv. Is dizzying offer discounts offered cars. New cars cost 22 to 50 percent of their normal prices! Who covers the difference? Manufacturers and retailers, of course. All they have to sell automotive products already produced and to clean the stores of available cars to gain a fresh working capital and conveyors to turn over. And the fair is a good tool for this.
For the week here doing sales in the region as typically achieved for 4-5 weeks, says Pearl Tashev, commercial director of Sofia-Plovdiv auto trans.

Fair offer discounts that are dotirat manufacturer explains Tashev. They are for certain vehicles in stock. People think that we are crowded huge profits, but it is not true – we have had good years, but 2009-and certainly not one of them, „says commercial manager. Concessions are valid for the Peugeot 107 models, 206 and 206 sedan, 207, 308, 308 SW and 308 station wagon. Modification 407 with a 24% discount 4007 jeep has a cash discount and bonus – motoskuter. Bipar entire range of light known as „banicharki“ is below EUR 14 000 excluding VAT. The discount is valid until 10 October. Prime Minister and luxury cars are not subject to promotion, because they are the already ordered in limited quantities, „said Pearl Tashev.

What happens to the price at the moment is the result of a very changed market, „said Nelly Naidenova, marketing manager of Auto Italia. Her company is a major importer of cars with Fiat and Lancia brands, but also of Alfa Romeo. We expect that the current situation will lead to some balance at lower price levels, but overall the current downturn is not healthy for the entire industry. The outcome is clear – to be carried out cars that are produced and stored and then we can talk out of this crisis, believes Nelly Naydenova. She said her motto of everyone in the industry for 2009 is to clean the stores.
Italian Renaissance cars in our experience since 2004 We are doubling and tripling sales of certain brands of cars, says Naydenova. Best-selling marks – FIAT Grandeq Punto and Panda, have been in dozens of topavtomobilite market of Germany. We rely on the fair presentation of much of the commercial range and sales. „Hidden Weapons“ car manufacturers in Turin in collaboration with the Indian company Tata of dreamers. The goal is clear – European low-cost car.
On demand
For most cars with Mazda brand distributor in Bulgaria Star Motors Ltd offers true deferred payment formula 1 / 3 per year – for three years. We can not afford not touch the prices drastically, because it is a true Japanese quality, „says Velina Georgieva, a representative of the commercial department of the Star Motors LTD. According to her savings and deferred payment of lease fees CASCO and reduces the cost of your car by 16-17%.
Everything good is short, and most of the already good things will happen. In this crisis, as no dozhiveem new car prices from 5000 USD. Essential question: whether the manufacturers and sellers of cars would be offered at lower prices before the crisis? Fair all say – no!

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Michael Vanchev

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