Forbes took the loss of super-rich from the crisis

Super-rich become poor – 400 most wealthy Americans have lost last year 300 billion of their net wealth because of the decline in capital markets and real estate market.

This shows the annual rating of U.S. magazine Forbes, Reuters, quoted by BTA.
Widespread yesterday list of the 400 richest Americans shows that the larger the losses of Warren Buffett. The famous investor has lost 10 billion since the collapse of the shares of his company „Barkshayar Hathaway. The top ten in the rating is virtually unchanged from last year – the founder of Microsoft Bill Gates is still in first place with 50 billion dollars, which is, however, with 7 billion less than a year ago.
So he 16th consecutive year, remains the richest American. Buffett was second with 40 billion dollars, and founder of Oracle Corporation, Lawrence Ellison, was third with 27 billion, as they were last year. He is the only top ten rich people who suffered no significant losses. According to the index’s 500 companies in the Standard & Poor’s U.S. stock market fell by about 43 percent from September 2008th when the financial crisis erupted, to March this year. Since March the net wealth of many of the list began to grow. For the first ten ranking losses totaled $ 40 billion. Total wealth of the 400 list has fallen by 19 percent – from 1.57 trillion to 1,27 trillion.
„Nobody will be Ronnie tears for any of these superbogatashi because even those who have fallen by 2 billion last year to 100 million still live very well,“ Reuters quoted comments by Matthew Miller – editor of the list of Forbes.

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