Uncovered grave of a Bulgaria princess

Archaeologists Prof. Nikolay Ovcharov and Dr. Hitko Vacheva Country uncovered grave of a Bulgarian princess.

The princess was buried in the courtyard of the medieval church „St. St. Peter and Paul in Veliko Turnovo, BTA reported. Royal funeral of the second half of XIV century. The princess was dressed in gorgeous clothes, coated with gold tinsel. On his head is carried beautiful cloth, which is also izvezana with gold.
The lady of the higher circles of the Bulgarian aristocracy is affixed with a magnificent jewelry – a gold ring embedded with amethyst, gold earrings and silver gilt needles that are attached cloth, announced Professor Nikolai Ovcharov.
In the two-month excavation in the temple, „Saint Peter and Saint Paul and neighboring church“ St. Ivan Rilski „, which were common in monastic complex, archaeologists found gold and silver rings and earrings and other graves of the medieval necropolis. Findings are over one hundred, the most valuable is the 25 grams of gold ring. After restoration and conservation values will be displayed in an exhibition in the autumn Historical Museum in Veliko Tarnovo.

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