Former health minister away from the incorrect partner

Professor Radoslav Gaidarski refuted a press conference today in the press publications that credit rich.
Before Vidin media professor Gaidarski present some facts drawn from his partner and his loan of 4 million euros, although the media is given a credit of 2 million euros fix Gaidarski, cited by BTA.
The funds are withdrawn from a Bulgarian bank and spent for the private company Fanti D, not to build a private hospital, Gaydarski specified.
In 1999 company has been established between the wife of Professor Radoslav Gaidarski – Rositsa Gaidarski and the owner of „Fanti D – Ilia Iordanov, which says Rossi Ltd. Credit of 4 million euros was drawn in the name of Rosie Ltd. as the company Fanti D all banks have refused credit because of accrued liabilities. The Company early in equal proportion had two partners.
As a mortgage loan is set in a private hospital in Vidin and assets of the company Fanti D. Later through the falsification of signatures partner Rositsa Gaidarski increased the authorized capital of the company aportna contribution for which donations are given to the hospital, sent to Professor Radoslav Gaidarski abroad.
With the increase of the authorized capital Yordanov has acquired 66 percent of the company and the opportunity to dispose of all assets. Iliya Yordanov has withdrawn the full amount of the loan from 4 million euros provided for the construction of the hospital and the purchase of equipment and is repaid with other obligations of your company, specify Gaidarski.
Gaidarski professor and his wife have taken legal action against three civic Ilia Yordanov, a prosecution is initiated and a criminal case, said the press conference Radoslav Gaidarski.

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