Croatia increased taxes on luxury and speaking

The Croatian Parliament adopted yesterday several law to combat the recession, including to increase the Value Added Tax (VAT) from 22 to 23 percent, which should enter into force on August 1 and applies until the end of 2010, forward agency HINA quoted by BTA.
It is believed that the increase in VAT to one percent for this period will bring in 1.5 billion state fund kuni (about 205 million euros).
Law was adopted and the introduction of tax shestprotsenten total monthly revenue from SMS and MMS messages and talk on mobile phones to mobile operators. By the end of the year the state expects to receive from these measures, additional funds from kuni 430 million (58.6 million euros).
Are taken changes in employment law, which reduces the compensation for the unemployed, which will be calculated based on the minimum wage of around € 300, not as usual, based on the average wage for the country (around 700 euros). Were introduced and special taxes on luxury cars, private yachts and aircraft, in which cars worth more than 350 000 kuni (about 47 750 euros) introduces four tax rates.
Adopted the law to help preserve jobs, which encouraged employers to introduce non-Friday because of the crisis.
Today, the parliament will discuss the bill to introduce a special tax on wages, pensions and other income, so-called crisis tax of 2 and 4 percent, which is for salaries and pensions over 3000 kuni (410 euros). Also today will be voting this year for the third update of the budget.
The new updated budget proposed by Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor, revenues have increased by 1.38 billion kuni, and costs are reduced by 260 million kuni. The revision provides for general revenue budget of 111.2 billion and expenditure of 120 billion kuni.

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