Government data for the slow state budget in May

The government does not publish data on the state budget in May, according to the calendar for the publication of data from the Ministry of Finance had to happen yesterday. For the first time the ministry is not fulfilling its obligation in time for publication of the data are vtoracheni eyes of more people, the impact of the crisis.

This morning by the Ministry of Finance Press replied that the data will be published today or tomorrow, as pointed that file is not sent to them.
Data for April showed a record decline in revenue from VAT to 38 percent on an annual basis for the budget needed major prihodoiztochnik (VAT) to increase because expenditure budget in 2009 were 19.7 percent more than those in Budget 2008

However today (July 1) shall enter into force increase pensions by 9 percent.
Data on the banking system in May showed a rise in bad loans by 178 million euro, tumbled novootpusnatite loans for housing, it is 77 percent on an annual basis (more than 4 times). In May there are 363 million leva monthly decline in the amount of deposits, mainly due to withdrawals by foreign credit institutions.
Data from the banking system does not give indications to reduce the economic downturn in April-May, and better budgetary revenues in May. In May, imported excise and VAT on the basis of realized turnover during April 2009

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